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Affordable mini fiber laser marking machine for sale

Payment Term:

TT (Telegraphic Transfer), LC, Western Union, Alibaba


2 Years



Price :

3600$-4600$ FOB Qingdao

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Affordable mini fiber laser marking machine for sale

fiber laser marking machine

Application of Affordable mini fiber laser marking machine for sale:

1. All metals:

gold, silver, titanium, copper, alloy, aluminum, steel, manganese steel, magnesium, zinc, stainless steel, carbon steel / mild steel, all kinds of alloy steel, electrolytic plate, brass plate, galvanized sheet , Aluminum, all kinds of alloy plates, all kinds of sheet metal, rare metals, coated metal, anodized aluminum and other special surface treatment, electroplating the surface of the aluminum-magnesium alloy surface oxygen decomposition,etc.

2. Non-metallic:

Non-metallic coating materials, industrial plastics, hard plastics, ceramics, resins, cartons, epoxy resin, acrylic resin, unsaturated polyester resin material.

Samples of Affordable mini fiber laser marking machine for sale :

Affordable mini fiber laser marking machine for sale

Affordable mini fiber laser marking machine for sale

Technical Parameter of fiber laser engraver :

Laser power
10W 20W 30W 50W 70W 100W
Laser Source Raycus, IPG, MAX
Supports graphical format
Beam quality
m2 <2
Power stability
(8h) <± 1% rms
Pulse repetition frequency
20KHZ ---- 100KHZ
Power consumed
Minimum line width
Minimum character
Laser Wavelength
Marking depth
Galvanometer Size
Repeatability accuracy
Repeatability accuracy
Control software
EZCAD control software
Whole machine power
Cooling way
Air cooling
Operating voltage
110/220V ± 10% /,50/60HZ
Engraving speed
600H * 200W * 700L (mm)
plywood wooden packaging

Advantages of affordable mini fiber laser marking machine for sale:

1)High Precision: Up to 0.0012mm, bring you the fantastic and satisfied marking effect.

2) Superior Laser Beam: The definition is 1 micron,10 times as that of traditional products.

3) No Consumables: One Fiber marker can work for more than 10 years without any consumables.

4) High Speed: 7000mm / second, is 3 to 5 times above that of traditional products.

5) The fiber laser beam comes out from the IPG/Raycus fiber device directly,no need to adjust the laser optical path.

6) Low consumption: <500W, is 1/25 ~ 1/10 times as that of Diode and YAG, more economized and environmental.

7) Original JCZ controller, USB interface, swift and stable transmission, easy software operation, strong functions.
8) High-quality scan head, with good seal, capable to prevent dust and water, small volume, compact and solid.
9) Long lifespan of IPG/Raycus laser module: 0.1-0.2 million hrs (light pumping YAG: several hundred hrs; semi-conductor: 10 000 hrs)
10) Strong Compatibility: TTF Font, SHX, BMP, DXF, AI, PLT and other format files output from CorelDraw, PS, AutoCAD, etc.
11) Integrated Air Cooling System: The cooling effect is more excellent than the water cooling effect in YAG laser,no maintenance.

12) Deep Marking: Max. 1mm stainless steel, suitable for the industries which need high precision and depth marking effect.

Details show of Affordable mini fiber laser marking machine for sale:

Package of Affordable mini fiber laser marking machine for sale:

Before-sale service:
Any technical questions will be answered as soon as possible.
Machine video or sample is available.
Any questions about our company will be treated.

After-sale service:

1.We provide 24 months warranty for the machine.

2.All spare parts for the machine can be bought with agent price.

3. Email/ Skype/ MSN/ Trade manager online to support. Life-long technical support and free after-sale service.

4.Professional technical team and salesperson assists you with trouble shooting.Procedures via Internet and phone any time when needed.

5.Free and professional training at our factory.

6.Door-to-door service if necessary.

We have more different models for your choice :

1. Jpt mopa laser marking machine (it can engrave on stainless steel with beautiful color) :

 Jpt mopa laser marking machine

2. Handheld fiber laser marking machine :

Handheld fiber laser marking machine

3. 3D metal laser engraving machine :

3D metal laser engraving machine

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