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Gantry cnc plasma cutting machine / gantry cnc plasma cutter for metal

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Gantry cnc plasma cutting machine / gantry cnc plasma cutter for metal

Gantry cnc plasma cutting machine / gantry cnc plasma cutter

Applicable materials of Gantry cnc plasma cutting machine / gantry cnc plasma cutter:

Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet,

aluminum coated zinc plate, pickling board, copper, titanium and other sheet metal and pipe cutting.

Gantry cnc plasma cutting machine

gantry cnc plasma cutter

Advantage Features of Gantry cnc plasma cutting machine / gantry cnc plasma cutter :

1,Machine body: Welded structure with tempering treatment, high accuracy, long service life, working steady and durable in heavy load and high speed

2,Transmission: Rack and gear drive by servo motor and gearbox, stable and smooth running in high speed. Also stepper motor optional.

3,Torch height controller and Plasma collision device: achieving consistently good cutting quality, Tayor patent device to reduce collision between plasma torch and plate.

4,CNC Controller: Start or Starfire controller

5,Plasma power source: Hypertherm, Huayuan

Specification of gantry cnc plasma cutting machine / gantry cnc plasma cutter:




Machine body

Main Frame

Gantry Industrial Duty Type

Machine Size (mm)

3600mmX6800 mm

Effective Cutting Area (mm)

3000 x 6000 mm

Max. Traveling Speed (mm/min)

12000 mm/min

Cutting Torch

Cutting Torch Station Number

2 stations

Oxy-fuel Cutting Torch Number

1 Gas Torch

Oxy-fuel Cutting Thickness


Oxy-fuel Torch Height Sensor

capacitor type, good quality.

Oxy-fuel torch ignition system

Auto Fire ignition

Plasma Cutting Torch Number

1 Plasma torch

Plasma Torch Height Sensor

arc voltage

Plasma Torch Anti-collision


Plasma Piercing Thickness

16mm (carbon steel) Edge Star 19 mm

Plasma Cutting Speed

50-4500 mm/min

Plasma Unit


Hypertherm PowerMax105 (Huayuan optional)

Country of origin

Made in USA

Max output current




Duty cycle


6,Optional items:

1.Flame cutting head option -  suit for 20~40mm steel fine cutting .Max cutting thickness can reach 120~150mm .

Need gax support : mainly use oxygen / acetylene .

2.Rotary device option - Itself with a motor, It is used for pipe cutting .

3. Drilling head option - add spindle besides plasma torch.

Used for both fast speed thick thickness metal cutting and precise material engraving.

4.China plasma power source option - we have China brand Huayuan and US brand Hypertherm for your choose.

1. Installation accuracy of guide rail:

1) Straightness accuracy of main rail           ±0.2mm/10m

2) levelness between two rails           ±0.5mm/10m

3) Longitudinal levelness of main rail ±0.2mm/m; ±2mm/ overall length

4) Parallelism between two rails        <±2mm/ rail space

2. Machine precision:

a. Longitudinal effective stroke    >nominal size 20mm

b. Transverse effective stroke       > nominal size 10mm

c. Linear positioning accuracy   ±0.1mm/10m

Metal Frame Gantry Plasma /Flame CNC Cutting Machines With USA Plasma Power

(1000×1000mm Comprehensive graphics detection)   GB deviation≤±0.3mm

d. Linear repeat accuracy                 ±0.4mm/10m

e. Torch stroke                              ≤170mm

f. Cutting speed                 ±5% of setting speed

g. Automatic lifting precision                   ±0.5mm

3. Comprehensive machine precision:

a. Length deviation(four sides)              0.3mm

b. Diagonal deviation                   0.3mm

c. Back to the origin of the deviation                 0.2mm

d. Diagonal straightness accuracy                  0.3mm

e. Intersection deviation                       0.3mm

f. Linear deviations                           0.2mm

g. Entire machine positioner precision                0.1mm

Gantry cnc plasma cutting machine / gantry cnc plasma cutter

Gantry cnc plasma cutting machine / gantry cnc plasma cutter

A Guarantee:

--24 months for the whole machine.

--If any parts broken,we will send you parts free of charge.

--You will also get technical support and service all the lifetime.

B Technical support:

1, Technical support by phone, email or MSN/Skype 24 HOURS.

2, Friendly English version manual and operation video CD disk.

3, Engineer available to service machinery overseas.

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